Thank You

For the last three years it has been my great privilege to build and develop the Inland Empire Filipino Martial Arts presence in Southern California’s Inland Empire.  Last week my family and I made the move back to my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland and although it has been an exciting and hopeful transition, it is tinged with a pang of bittersweet.  I want to take the time to publicly thank my instructors, namely Guro Dan Inosanto, Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc, Tuhon Carl Atienza, Guro Travis Downing, Guro Joey Pena, Guro Brian Calaustro and Guro Ramon Rubia for sharing their knowledge and skill with me over the last nine years living in the Los Angeles area.  Without you none of this would even have existed.  Thank you to my brothers who trained and came up with me, especially Guro Steve Feng, Guro Jon Auzenne, Guro Victor Gendrano, Guro Ed Cadiz, Professor John Tessier, Guro Darryl Goen, Guro Mike Woodworth, Guro Zee Alhusaini, Guro Phil Acosta, Guro Gerard Noel, Guro Nick Pena and the whole Sayoc LA/Atienza Long Beach/Filipino Combatives West Coast family.    Lastly, my most heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of my students in the IEFMA Sayoc Atienza group and the Filipino Martial Arts class through the City of Claremont.  Guro Dan has told us that the highest form of learning is to teach.  Because of you I have learned and grown immensely.  Thank you so much.

I will still be in town from time to time and I look forward to meeting with you for training and or social eating (or even anti-social eating)!  I am grateful to have Guro Steve Feng of Sayoc SGV assuming oversight over the IEFMA Sayoc Atienza group that will continue under the leadership of Sensei John Rellias.  He is my most senior student and a trusted friend.  City of Claremont students have been referred to Guro Bryan Stoops of Stoops Martial Arts in Chino Hills.  He is a colleague and brother in these arts, and has a tremendous wealth of information and ability to offer.  Anyone ever in the Baltimore area is encouraged to look me up.  I’d love to keep in touch as much as I can.

As genuinely as I can, I truly thank each and every one of you.  My current contact information will still be valid and I will continue to stay involved with the IEFMA website and Inland Empire Filipino Martial Arts Facebook page.

Baltimore Filipino Martial Arts will debut in 2013.



Guro Joe Marana

Sayoc Kali – Atienza Kali – Inosanto Filipino Martial Arts

~ by Joseph Marana on 12.07.2012.

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  1. As always, I’m late. Good luck out in Baltimore Guru Joe.

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