My brother Brian and I in the Bahamas, circa 1999

My brother Mik and I in the Bahamas, circa 1999

Black Belt Test with the Patalinghug Family, Maryland 1998

Marana, Gamboa & Dona Brothers at Kick Connection, circa 1998

With Guro Dan at the Academy on Manchester, 2003

With Tuhon Raf and Tuhon Tom at Integrated, circa 2004

With Guro Bustillo & Lolo Cacoy Canete at IMB, circa 2004

At the first Da Best Quality Products Event!

Integrated Martial Arts Crew with Tuhon Felix Cortes, 2006

With Grandmaster Nene Tortal at Sayoc Sama Sama 2008

Sayoc LA with Tuhon Felix Cortes & Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, 2009

Guro Nick at Sayoc LA

Training at Maharlika Martial Arts with Guro Lem and Guro Dr. Bob

IEFMA with Tuhon Ray Dionaldo

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