Quote of the Day

“Know the ways of all professions.”

– Miyamoto Musashi, from “The Book of Five Rings”

~ by Joseph Marana on 01.05.2012.

2 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. I’m reading that book right now. I’m trying to dissect it to the best of my ability and blog about it. Knowing all professions sounds tough, but when it comes to strategy the one who knows the most has the best chance of winning.

    • It would be extremely difficult to know all there is to know about all things. However, I think the point is that we should strive to be as worldly as we can, and be as well versed and well rounded as our lives allow. Tuhon Tom Kier once spoke on what being a martial artist means, and in his mind a martial artist, a true warrior would be proficient not only in unarmed and armed combat, but would know medical management or first aid, fix car problems and essentially be a resource no matter what the situation. A martial artist would have the training, tools and composure to handle multiple scenarios. Thanks for the comment.

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