Revised Schedule Fall 2011

Filipino Martial Arts in the City of Claremont has begun it’s Fall 2011 session!  Now in our 7th session in Claremont, this is an introduction to Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) rooted in the Inosanto blend curriculum.  All sessions have covered various aspects of FMA including single and double stick, knife and even flexible weapons.  This Fall we have started focusing on Filipino Boxing, the empty hand component of the FMA often referred to as Panantukan.  Guro Dan’s Panantukan draws primarily from the Lacoste and Lucaylucay systems of Kali.

To register please visit , call 909.399 5490 or walk in to the Alexander Hughes Community Center at 1700 Danbury Road in Claremont, CA.

Sayoc-Atienza Classes are ongoing and continue on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings.  These classes are heavily blade based, however also include multiple components of the FMA such as empty hands, stick material, flexible weapons, projectiles, multiple person and situational based scenarios.  This month we will be focusing on Sayoc Kali Transition Drills, and Atienza Kali Knife Evolution 1 (Feeder and Receiver Sets).

The new revised schedule is as follows:

Saturday, September 10th at 0900

Satuday, September 17th at 0900

Saturday, September 24th MANDATORY attendance to the 5th Annual Filipino Martial Arts Congregation in Duarte:

NO CLASS Saturday, October 1st for ATIENZA KALI Training Group Session with Tuhon Carl Atienza in Long Beach:

Friday, October 7th at 2000

Friday, October 14th at 2000

NO CLASS Saturday, October 22nd for SAYOC KALI Instructor Weekend

Saturday, October 29th at 0900





~ by Joseph Marana on 09.09.2011.

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