Family, Food and FMA

Tuhon Sayoc has always maintained that we are a family system, a tribe more than just an organization.  And on several Thursday mornings I have had the pleasure of listening to Guro Inosanto remind us that we train because of our love for life, our families and their preservation.  This morning I had the privilege of meeting some of Craig’s family, and was reminded once again why it is we train.  For many of us, our children, families and loved ones are the most precious gifts in our lives.  Family (blood and extended) are always invited, and in fact encouraged to come and watch us train.  I do believe that if we are to ever use the technology that has been given to us, that we will most likely have to do so in the presence of those that we love.  This is why at Sayoc Sama Sama families and children are all around, to remind us but also to train us.  They are there to help us be mindful, be careful and above all support us as a tribe.  Our children must understand what we do as well, or at the very least know that when Mommy or Daddy are training, that they should also be careful.  If then, one day we must engage an opponent hopefully our kids will be moving to safe positions rather than running to hold our hands or tug on our pants. 

I would not have been able to achieve the things I have done without the support of my own wife and children.  There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation.  So we have decided to see if you all would be interested in having a little potluck/lunch gathering on Saturday, April 3rd.  We could start class at 10am and stay for food afterwords.  If that sounds like something you family could do, please let me know.  In the Filipino culture (as with many), family and food are central and I see no reason why our training, which for many of us has become part of our lives, should not reflect the same.

Remember there is no class next week (for Sayoc or City of Claremont FMA).  Take the time and do something meaningful with those that give our lives meaning.  Questions, comments or anything else please know my ear is always listening.

Guro Joe

~ by Joseph Marana on 03.14.2010.

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  1. sayoc got some great knife stuff.

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